100 Years of NASPA History: Live Briefing Series

with Susan E. Borrego, Matt Brown, Lesley-Ann Brown-Henderson, Richard Carvajal, Caitlin Codding, Tiffany J. Davis, Sattik Deb, K.C. Mmeje, Michele Scott Taylor, Mike Segawa

About This Course

Six deans of men corresponded in the winter of 1918 with an idea to start an association and by January 1919, the roots of our organization were planted. The 100th Anniversary Planning Committee is excited to reflect back on our past, to recognize and honor those who came before, and look forward to the future of the student affairs profession.

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The Impact of the M/NUFP Program

February 6, 2019 | 4:00 PM ET

As the M/NUFP 35th anniversary and the NASPA 100th anniversary coincide, join us for a moderated discussion between M/NUFP alumni, who are now in senior leadership positions, on their experience as fellows and how that experienced has helped shape their careers. These M/NUFP alums will share lessons they learned through the program and how those lessons inform their practice today.

Presenters: Susan E. Borrego, Richard Carvajal, Tiffany Davis, K.C. Mmeje, and Michele Scott Taylor


The Influence of Knowledge Communities on NASPA’s History of Inclusion

February 11, 2019 | 4:00 PM ET

As we approach the culmination of NASPA’s 100th anniversary, join us for a moderated discussion amongst NASPA professionals, in all stages of leadership and tenure in the field, who have been actively engaged in moving forward the conversation and initiatives to make NASPA a more inclusive space through the lens of the Knowledge Communities. The discussion will center on how Knowledge Communities have served as a catalyst to influence inclusive practice at all levels of the association.

Participants will learn about how Knowledge Communities have influenced the association; created space for members of marginalized and intersecting identities; and have taken a critical look at their history and have worked to become more inclusive themselves.


The History of Student Affairs Graduate Preparation Programs and the Field Today

February 18, 2019 | 2:00 PM ET

As students in higher education continue to change, we must engage in conversations about professionals in student affairs and how they are being prepared to serve these dynamic populations. The profession began focused on holistic and vocational development, but today it requires a professional that is competent in a wide variety of skills from supervision, budgeting, advising, strategic planning to technological aptitude.

Join us for a great discussion about how we are preparing our students affairs professionals to be successful in the field. We will discuss the history of graduate preparatory programs, current experiences professionals need to be prepared, and learn from several great professionals about their experiences in the field.

Presenters: Sattik Deb, Matt Brown, Mike Segawa, Caitlin Codding, and Lesley-Ann Brown-Henderson


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