Addressing Food Insecurity: Rising to Support Today’s Students

with Clare Cady, Maureen Hawkins, Dr. Patrick Lukingbeal

July 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM ET

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This course has been rescheduled for July 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM ET

Food insecurity amongst today's college students has made national headlines and is becoming a more prominent topic. Often these students find themselves in the shadows and are left searching for resources and support in their communities. The reasons a student may be faced with food insecurity vary – from financial challenges, housing insecurity, to fleeing unsafe relationships or family situations – and it is important that universities realize these can be complex situations. Luckily, many instiutions are meeting this challenge head on by bringing the topic to the forefront: by establishing food pantries; working with dining services to provide accomodations; and working with local resources.

Led by a panel of higher education experts that intersect with these issues, this live briefing will explore best practices in how colleges and universities are addressing this issue systematically - from food pantries, housing assistance, to academic support. No student should ever feel like they are left behind, and we look forward to expanding this conversation to colleagues across the nation!

Learning Outcomes

Bt attending this session, participants will:

  • explore the problem of food insecurity on today's college campuses;
  • describe the challenges and barriers that students face that lead to food insecurity, as well as those that prevent them from becoming food secure; and
  • discuss best practices in supporting food insecure students, along with other support services that seek to address complementing challenges like housing, financial aid, and academic support. 

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