Beginning Your Journey: Beyond the Book

with NASPA

About This Course

In this Special Live Briefing, the authors of Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs discuss their book and give thoughtful insights to new student affairs professionals. 

Higher education and student affairs is a rich and rewarding opportunity for professionals interested in serving in a non-traditional educational role. While not everyone will stay on their campus for the entirety of their professional career, a good number of them will climb the ladders of higher education and serve in various capacities. According to NASPA’s Census for Chief Student Affairs Officers (CSAOs), 96% of CSAOs transitioned into their current role from another job in Student Affairs. Therefore, the future leaders of the profession will be the New Professionals of today.

In the summer of 2015, NASPA published the Fourth Edition of their text Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs. This publication addresses the most critical and current issues for individuals who are entering the field, including the first job search, career advancement, supervision, work-life balance, ethical considerations, collaborations, and more. This text is a must-read for new professionals entering the field and will provide a solid outline of best practices to best support our newest professionals.