Creating Culture Change Through Prevention: Harnessing Campus and Community Partnerships

with Jill Dunlap, Karla Vierthaler, Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez

About This Course

Campus sexual violence is a complex issue requiring a collaborative and comprehensive prevention approach. No one prevention program can have as great an impact as an approach that addresses multiple factors and uses multiple strategies. This live briefing will explore the critical need for comprehensive prevention efforts that occur at various levels and saturate the campus community. 

This second live briefing in the series on campus and community collaborations, offered in partnership by NASPA, the Sexual Violence Resource Center and PreventConnect, is focused on understanding the concept of a truly comprehensive prevention program. Although it may seem easier to purchase an online prevention education program for all incoming students, faculty and staff, the reality is that effective prevention education involves much more than a single educational program can provide. Comprehensive prevention education includes multiple interventions over the life cycle of both students and employees at an institution. Additionally, specific hard-to-reach, high-risk and underserved populations may need more tailored prevention education to be effective. This live briefing will focus on developing campus and community partnerships to provide comprehensive and effective prevention education on campus.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to: 

  • identify components of comprehensive prevention strategies on college and university campuses;
  • identify next steps to strengthen the comprehensiveness of their campus prevention work; and
  • describe how campus and community partnerships play a role in a comprehensive approach to violence prevention.

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