Equity and Inclusion OnDemand Starter Pack

Starter Pack

About This Course

As part of the debut of our online learning community, we have composed a series of Starter Packs that allow you to purchase a group of modules at once for one low price.  These are a great way to fill your personal library of professional development resources.

The Equity and Inclusion OnDemand Starter Pack includes 8 modules and costs only $99.


A Frank Conversation about Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People and Christianity

Bernadette Barton and Joshua Moon Johnson lead this session focusing on Opening a dialogue about the intersections of religious and spiritual identity and sexual identity, Discussing common challenges that gay, lesbian, and queer people face in conservative Christian communities, and Strategizing how to advocate and support the diversity of individuals within gay, lesbian, and queer communities on college campuses. ​Presenters: Bernadette Barton and Joshua Moon Johnson

Beyond Binaries: Supporting Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, and Queer-Identified Students

Learning Outcomes: Gain insight into nonmonosexual/BPFQ student experiences at large, public institutions Engage in discussion about inclusive and affirmative language for nonmonosexual/BPFQ and all LGBTQIA students Engage in discussion about best practices used to support nonmonosexual/BPFQ college students Gain practical tools and knowledge in order to support students with nonmonosexual/BPFQ identities Presenter: Saby Labor

Creating Inclusive Campus Environments for Cross-Cultural Learning

A review of three important concepts from the book of the same title, presented by Dr. Shaun R. Harper. Presenter: Shaun R. Harper


Genderism: Transgender students, binary systems, and higher education. Presenters: Brent Bilodeau and T.J. Jourian

Serving and Supporting Transracial Adoptees

Learning objectives of this webinar include The ability to articulate similarities and differences of the experiences between multiracial individuals and transracial adoptees, and The discussion of implementing programs to provide services to interracial adoptees.

Supervising Athletics

This session grew from the desire to teach student affair professionals at small colleges and universities about their supervisory role having to do with athletics. Ideas covered include a focus on students with a look at recruitment and retention, financing athletics, legal and policy issues, and constituency management.

Voices from the Senior Level: Perspectives from Asian American Administrators

When is a Counselor not a "Counselor"

In collaboration with ASCA, this session explores a case study of how various roles in a community college system are or are not legally considered counselors. Presenter: W. Scott Lewis