Further Conversations around Where Do We Go from Here

with Dr. Shaun Harper, Lori Patton Davis

About This Course

This session, which took place on Friday, July 15, was an open conversation with Drs. Shaun Harper and Lori Patton Davis.

You can view the session recording here.   A PDF of the entire session transcript is available upon request.

The persistent violence against black and brown communities and the killing of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the officers during the Dallas protest have shaken us all. And while these incidents influence our work and our capacity to help our students process and learn through crises, we must also recognize that we as educators are just as affected by these tragedies and the circumstances that spark them. This open discussion, facilitated by Drs. Shaun Harper and Lori Patton Davis, will brought together our individual and collective voices to discuss strategies for creating change within our families, campuses, and communities.