Gender Expansive Praxis in a Culture of Compliance

with Z Nicolazzo, Susan Marine, janicanne shane

About This Course

The current state of gender in higher education is awash in trans* oppression, be it through attitudes, behaviors, policies, and/or hiring practices.  This trans* oppression doesn’t just exist at the institutional level, but is (re)enforced socially. For example, 11 states are currently suing the Obama administration for the right to determine which public restrooms trans* people can use. As such, the time to explore gender expansive practices in higher education, and how to implement in meaningful ways that positively influence the life chances for people with diverse genders is long overdue.

In this webinar, we will discuss the current realities surrounding gender on campus, particularly as it relates to compliance with Title IX and other federal laws. Given these realities, we will provide an emerging model from a recent empirical study that examined practitioner/educator attitudes regarding gender inclusion in sexual violence prevention work. We will discuss the ways this model can be used to create broader thinking about what it means to be ‘gender inclusive’ on our campuses, and how we can be more effective advocates for transformation of our institutions by moving beyond a ‘culture of compliance’ and into a framework of gender expansive praxis.

Learning outcomes:

  1. To familiarize participants with current realities surrounding gender on campus, particularly as it relates to title IX and other federal mandates.
  2. To provide an emerging model of gender expansive praxis, developed from a recent empirical study on sexual violence prevention educators’ use of gender in their work.
  3. To engage participants in recognizing how the emerging model translates to work in other functional areas (e.g. student activities, residence life, etc).
  4. To foster a culture of support for gender expansive praxis in higher education

Closed captioning or transcription is available upon request.

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