Islam, Muslim Chaplaincy, and the LGBTQIA Community

with Amer F. Ahmed, J. Cody Nielsen, Imam Sohaib Sultan, Najeeba Syeed, Amira Qurashi, Noha Elmohands, Julia R. Golden-Battle

About This Course

With the current American landscape mourning the tragedy of Orlando, campus discussions have shifted to how the LGBTQIA community is being care for.  An emerging discussion, largely due to the belief that the shooter was Muslim, is how LGBTQIA concerns are  being responded to within the Muslim Community.  Join us for a roundtable with Muslim scholars, activists, the Muslim Chaplain at Princeton University, student affairs professionals, and others for this one hour round table discussion.  

The current tragedy in Orlando has left Americans heartbroken and in mourning.  There is no community that is more affected than that of the LGBTQIA Community.  On campus, this population has erupted with discussions of if and how the Muslim community is responding, in part due to the appearance that the shooter was himself Muslim.  This tension has seen two responses in Huffington Post from Muslim Chaplains at Duke and Harvard in the first days since the shooting.

How campus should and can respond to this tensions and opportunities is the focus of our discussion.  A roundtable of scholars, student affairs professionals, Muslim Chaplains, and others will join our Expert in Residence to discuss the roles and responsibilities of professionals on campus.  This discussion will be open and available for chaplains, campus ministers, and higher education professionals to hear about from a diversity of voices and figure out how one can respond in the wake of these events.  While many schools are currently on a summer hiatus of sorts, the issues that are being discussed now will certainly be prevalent in the fall, and with a general election, all the more work that can be done to build bridges is essential.

Join Dr. Najeeba Syeed, director of the Center for Global Peacebuilding at Claremont School of Theology, Dr. Amer Ahmed, as Director of Intercultural Teaching and Faculty Development at University of Massachusetts – Amherst, and Iman Sohaib Sultan, Muslim Chaplain at Princeton University along with others yet to be named for this timely discussion.  Participants will be able to live stream questions.  Topics will include how student affairs responds to the tragedy in Orlando, how Muslim Chaplains can help in situations of LGBTQIA Concerns, the intersecting identities of LGBTQIA Muslims, and the next steps for healing on our campuses.

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