Islam in America and on our Campuses: Reducing Stigma, Increasing Support

with J. Cody Nielsen, Amer F. Ahmed

About This Course

Islam globally attests 1.8 billion members.  On college campuses in the United States, Muslim Student Associations have more than doubled since 9/11, as now more than 400 local chapters exist.  And yet, Islamaphobia is as problematic on our campuses as it was just after 9/11 and current political climates may be causing an increase.  So what is it that we as student affairs professional need know about Islam and the needs of Muslim students?  Join J. Cody Nielsen alongside Amer Ahmed for an in-depth discussion.

Our college campuses are becoming increasingly a global environment where all forms of diversity are visible and need support. The religious identity of Muslim students from across the world is no different.  Hear from Amer Ahmed, Director of Intercultural Teaching and Faculty Development at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and NAPSA’s expert in residence about this important and timely topic.

Participants can expect to gain insight into current issues surrounding Muslim students, learn new terms and definitions related to Islam and its tradition, and begin to consider methods student affairs professionals can build in accommodations for students of the Muslim faith. Furthermore, the webinar will offer global perspectives on Islam and could be handy for recruitment of international students.

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