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Effectively and Compassionately Responding to Student Deaths

The presenters will share insight regarding effectively and compassionately responding to student deaths.
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60 min

Integrated Planning: How to Align the People, Places, Purpose, and Resources (P3R) of Your Division

Integrated Strategic Planning is an effective tool to assess departmental efficiency and effectiveness, plan for improvement in the division, and align the goals of the student affairs division with the priorities of the institution. The presenters will lead participants through the following items: implementing the Integrated Strategic Planning process, initiating zero-based budgeting, and creating an action plan for implementation at their institution.
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60 min

Managing a Departmental Rebirth

Taking a new position can be a challenge for professionals at any level, and many face the question, “How do you step into a leadership role within a struggling department, change its reputation, and improve its outcomes?” The presenters will share experiences rejuvenating struggling departments and improving employee performance within public and private universities.
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60 min

Student Affairs Matters: Telling the Story through Assessment and Budget

This session will focus on the leadership strategies utilized to emphasize evaluation and preparation for change through different perspectives within student affairs as well as specific approaches that could be replicated on another campus. The conversation will highlight the following perspectives: chief student affairs officer, associate vice president for business and auxiliary services; and special assistant the vice president for student affairs.
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60 min

Synergistic Supervision of Entry-Level SA Professionals: A Cross-Cultural Examination

Although an important function within higher education, many professionals are ill prepared to provide high quality supervision, especially to entry-level and new professionals who require such a broad range of nurturing. Supervision has received little attention in the literature even though practitioners spend substantial time on it. Even less attention has been given to the potential impact of cross-cultural difference on the supervisory relationship.
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60 min

The Student Affairs Mid-Level Administrator: The Power and Strength of Leading from the Middle

Mid-level administrators often believe they have the hardest jobs within their organization. They are pulled in multiple directions by multiple people with multiple agendas and multiple deadlines. And yet, they do not have as many professional development opportunities designed for their specific needs as entry level professionals and senior-level leaders do. In this interactive session, we will explore the knowledge, skills, and abilities of successful mid-level administration as well as share advice on ways to chart your own success as a mid-level administrator in student affairs.
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60 min


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