Leading from Joy, Not Pain

with Mamta Accapadi

About This Course

Please see the recording below.

With crisis after crisis aftecting our nation, it can become hard to find time to heal and build community together. Join Dr. Mamta Accapadi, vice president of student affairs at Rollins College, in her discussion of leading from joy.

How are we leading with joy? In the last couple of months we have experienced an elevated level of pain and heartbreak in our world. While facing troubling times we are expected to show up and be present in the workplace. A lot of people are asking, “How do I find the balance to support my students, while preserving my sanity?” This live briefing is meant to provide a space for us as professionals to reflect on current events while preparing for a new academic year.

During this live briefing, we hope to:

  • Recognize the emotional impact of national and global current events on our communities
  • Identify how we can lead, as individual educators, from a place of renewal and hope
  • Reclaim role of student affairs as champions of healing and community