Making the Most of the NSSE Civic Engagement Module Results

with Jillian Kinzie, Berenice Sánchez

About This Course

This presentation will highlight findings relevant to civic engagement from NSSE including the Topical Module on Civic Engagement which invites students to report on the extent to which they are engaged in service-learning, community service, and as active citizens on campus, local, state, and global issues. We will also share new findings from qualitative data about students civic learning experiences and consider what these data suggest for civic education and for institutions interested in increasing civic experiences. Institutions with NSSE results are encouraged to participate to exchange ideas about approaches to using data to assess and inform civic engagement efforts on campus.

Adapted from a pilot survey that was developed by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the NSSE Civic Engagement module asks students to assess their ability to help resolve disagreements, lead groups, contribute to the well-being of the community, and examines how often students have engaged with local or campus and state/national/global issues. The module complements questions on the core survey about service-learning, community service or volunteer work, and becoming an informed and active citizen.

Join Jillian Kinzie, NSSE Institute & NILOA Senior Scholar at Indiana University School of Education, in conversation on how to utilize your institution's NSSE CLDE Module data to improve programming, resources, and campus ethos regarding Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement practices.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn about NSSE’s civic engagement results.
  • Participants will apply results in the consideration of civic education in college and what qualitative data suggests for civic education and for institutions interested in increasing civic experiences.
  • Participants with NSSE and civic engagement data will learn how to utilize these assessment results to shape civic education experiences on their campus.

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