Our Role in the #MeToo Era: A Conversation with Dr. Penny Rue and Culture of Respect

with Penny Rue, Allison Tombros Korman

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Ten years ago, campuses recommitted to their efforts to address sexual violence with the publication of the Dear Colleague Letter. A decade later, the conversation has ignited on a domestic and global scale. As mainstream awareness and support for these issues reaches a fever pitch, how is your institution going to direct this energy towards ending sexual violence?

We invite vice presidents of student affairs and other senior student affairs officers to join us on Monday, October 15 for a conversation with NASPA Board Chair Dr. Penny Rue and Culture of Respect Senior Director Allison Tombros Korman. Join us as we discuss the current climate around sexual violence, Title IX, and the work that Wake Forest University has done with the Culture of Respect Collective to refine, improve and expand their institutional efforts to address violence. Be part of the conversation as we consider the role of colleges and universities in acting as agents of change in this decisive moment.

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