Resilient Living: A Guide to Foster Resilience and Live a More Thriving Life

with Delvina Miremadi-Baldino

About This Course

Registration for the June cohort is now closed. Please check back for an announcement about upcoming iterations of the course.

Join us for a five-week online short course on Resilient Living: A Guide to Foster Resilience and Live a More Thriving Life with Dr. Delvina Miremadi-Baldino.

This course is grounded in the positive psychology research supporting resilience as a key factor for improving wellbeing, engagement, and overall happiness, both at home and in the workplace. Based on these years of research, we know that the capacity for flourishing can be enhanced through the resilience of the individual. In other words, the more resilient an individual is, the more likely they will have the capacity to overcome challenges and risk and have a successful, happy, thriving life.

This course will run asychronously - each week, new material will be opened for you to review, at whatever time is convenient for you. The instructor will be sending regular messages to help keep you on pace, and you will be able to connect with other professionals who are also engaging with the course through online forums.

Course Dates

The course will run from June 10, 2019 through July 19, 2019, with a week off over the July 4th holiday. As soon as you register, you will be able to take a resilience inventory. On June 10 and each Monday thereafter, new course material will be opened for you to view and respond to. See the session descriptions below for the dates each topic will be opened.


Resilience 101

In this module, you will learn the definition of resilience and how it can be an important factor for flourishing. You will learn where resilience fits in the literature and the research supporting the impact of resilience on your personal and professional life. Finally, you will hear a summary of the remaining course and start your journey by completing a free resilience assessments.

Materials will be available beginning June 10, 2019

60 min

Optimism and Positive Emotions

In this module we will explore optimistic thinking and how it can be used to help us see the world in a way that fosters resilience. You will learn about the common thinking traps that can often impede our ability to think with optimism and some effective strategies to challenge and change that “faulty” thinking. Finally, you will learn the importance of positive emotions and how you can increase the positivity in your life.

Material will be available beginning June 17, 2019

60 min

Mindset and Strengths

In this module you learn about two different mindsets and how thinking about your abilities and traits using one of the mindsets can significantly impact how you approach challenges and mistakes during your personal and professional journey. You will also spend time exploring your character strengths and uncover the keys to being your best self.

Material will be available beginning June 24, 2019

60 min

Engagement and Connection

In this module you will learn and apply a critical concept in the field of happiness called flow. Happiness researchers have concluded that happiness is an internal state of being, and that flow is crucial to creating genuine happiness. Finally, you will explore how positive relationships are the cornerstone of a health, happiness and resilience and learn strategies to strengthen the relationships in your life.

Material will be available beginning July 8, 2019

60 min

Gratitude and Mindfulness

This module explores how the extremely powerful quality of being thankful can change your life for the better. You will learn strategies to cultivate more gratitude in your life and thereby build a solid foundation for experiencing more hope, joy and optimism. Finally, the course will end with learning about the importance of mindfulness and strategies to help you become more intentional and purposeful with your thoughts, attention and what is most meaningful around you.

Material will be available beginning July 15, 2019

60 min

More about this Course

This course is designed to help you examine your resilience, explore the science-based strategies that can help you grow, and expand your mind to incorporate these strategies into your everyday life, both personally and professionally. Living a resilient life means waking up each day as the best version of yourself, feeling hope, gratitude, and optimism about the day ahead, and knowing that you have the knowledge and skills needed to process and overcome any adversity, big or small, that the day may bring. 

"Of all the virtues we can learn, no trait is more useful, more essential for survival, and more likely to improve the quality of life than the ability to transform adversity into an enjoyable challenge." -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Each part of this five-week course includes a discussion question for the forum and an assignment. This allows you to engage with your classmates to better understand how the science-based concepts play out in real life and develop deeper connections around the material. The assignments help you dive deeper into your personal resilience and explore and develop specific skills on an individual basis.  

In this five-week online short course, you will be able to:

  • explain the importance of fostering resilience, both personally and professionally;
  • identify your capacity for resilience and areas you need to grow;
  • identify core resilience concepts and the evidence supporting its importance;
  • apply numerous strategies to help foster resilience in your life; and
  • apply resilience building tools to improve your performance and engagement at work.

You’ll begin by exploring what resilience is and why it’s important for your to intentionally work to grow your capacity to be resilient. Each concept will be grounded in research and deliver a variety of tools that can be applied to help you live a more resilient life.

From there, the presenter will guide you through the various lessons week by week. The course starts with a Resilience Assessment and includes a variety of the other assessments throughout the course to help you personally understand how the concepts relate to you and your life. 

Each forum question provides the opportunity to engage with your colleagues and bring the concepts into real life. The week-by-week design of the course allows you to process and apply the concept from one week, before moving on to the next so that you can truly absorb the material and experience how it relates to the real world.

Our faculty will be available and engaged as you proceed through the course material each week. The assignments are for your own personal self-exploration and do not need to be submitted, however, if you’d like to share your assignment with the faculty you are welcome to. You can expect weekly emails and comments in the discussion forum. If at anytime you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the faculty directly.

Note: Registrations are for individuals, and are not intended for groups. The course is designed with individual learners in mind. Participants will be responding in forums and completing assignments on an individual basis.


Registration for this course is $199 for NASPA members, $249 for non-members. Pricing will be accurately reflected in your cart. Register by June 4, 2019 and get $25 off for an early-bird discount.

Deadline to register: June 14, 2019.

Accessing the Presentation

Once you complete your registration, you will be able to access the course by clicking on the "Login" button at the top of this page (or any page on

  • You will be asked to login with your NASPA user name and password. Once you have done so, you will hit continue and be redirected to your dashboard in the Online Learning Community.

  • You will find the session listed under "Enrolled."

  • This is a short course, with primarily asynchronous instruction. This means that you may view the materials as many times as you'd like, at whatever pace you would like. However, we will be moving through each of the course sessions on a weekly basis and will encourage you to keep pace with the program so you may communicate with others in the session as well as the instructor in a timely way.

  • If you have any difficulty accessing the materials, please contact Jace Kirschner (

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