Conducting a Resource Audit in Preparation for a Campus Climate Assessment

with Jordan Draper, Anne Newman

About This Course

Colleges across the nation are focused on creating and implementing campus climate surveys; however, some are missing an important step- conducting a resource audit. The  resource audit allows institutions to create a survey that is directly compatible to their individual environment. This presentation includes justification, recommendations, and lessons learned for conducting a resource audit.


Creating and implementing campus climate surveys are a high priority for colleges and universities because of recent guidelines from the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR). There have been multiple surveys that have been designed by different institutions and companies that schools can utilize. While gaining the information for these surveys is crucial to understanding a current campus culture, it is also essential to ensure that the data collected is reflective of all components that an institution has to offer.    

To maintain that all information collected from the campus climate survey is reflective of all resources, policies, procedures, and accommodations we recommend conducting a resource audit prior to implementation of the survey. The resource audit was developed and implemented by Rutgers University faculty member, Sarah McMahon. The three step process serve as a self assessment tool so administrators can determine if their policies, programs, procedures, and resources are current, help request funding for specific areas that may be underrepresented, and to learn more about the best way to reach students, faculty, and staff. This program will go in-depth to describing the three steps: prepare, conduct online searches, and hold in-person interviews with key stakeholders. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn about the first step to conducting an effective campus climate survey. 
  • Participants will learn how to identify key stakeholders who can assist in developing and implementing a resource audit.  
  • Participants will learn if their websites and online materials are capturing student searches so that students are provided with all information regarding their college and processes.  
  • Participants will learn information to help better inform campus practices and policies.

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