Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Using the Student Leadership Competencies

with Dr. Corey Seemiller

About This Course

This live briefing will showcase strategies to utilize the Student Leadership Competencies.


Join Corey Seemiller, author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook, to hear more about strategies to utilize the competencies in leadership programs, courses, initiatives. 

Based on the learning outcomes of 522 academic programs within 97 academic accrediting organizations and concepts embedded in contemporary leadership models, The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook explores 60 leadership competencies essential for effectiveness across a broad spectrum of careers. This Guidebook provides a road map for incorporating leadership competencies into program development, curriculum design, and assessment to help students develop and enhance these 60 leadership competencies in order to effectively engage in leadership. The book defines each competency through the lens of four dimensions, knowledge, value, ability, and behavior, and provides both an illustrative scenario related to college student leadership that showcases the competency in action and tangible curricular ideas to use with students.

 Learn tips for using competencies to create or enhance leadership program frameworks, design intentional curriculum, and measure student leadership development with a variety of assessment methods. Resources, tools, and best practices will be shared.