Effectively Supporting the Career Readiness of Military-Connected Students

with Lauren Runco, Haydee Nunez, Damien Pitts, Ron Callahan, Sherrill Curtis

About This Course

The recording of this session can be found in the NASPA Policy Briefing Series section of the Online Learning Community.

Join leading professionals for a free discussion on effective support strategies for the career development of military-connected students.

In this one hour live webcast, student support experts representing a wide range of functions and organizations will share what it takes to deliver meaningful, impactful career support to military-connected students. They’ll share specific examples of career development challenges, opportunities, and effective strategies for every stage of the student lifecycle.  Drawing from individual student stories and data from career coaching initiatives across multiple institutions, they’ll share surprising, often counter-intuitive insights and challenge the audience to reimagine what it means to be “military friendly.” The audience will gain a deeper understanding of the needs, concerns, and preferences of military-connected students and their potential employers, as well as steps that individuals and institutions alike can take with little or no resources to help students successfully prepare for and transition to the civilian workforce.

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