The Intersection of Student Leadership, Student Government, Civic Engagement, and Student Activism

with Larissa Adames, Erik Maillard, Ilaria Pesco, Joseph Richardson, Lea Webb

About This Course

In less than one month, voters throughout the entire nation will be going to the polls to determine who the next set of political leaders will be in various communities, cities, and states all across the country. With so many important issues affecting our nation right now, the need to develop more civically engaged college students on various campuses across the nation is more important than ever before.

Consequently, based on the impact that leadership development can have on student activism, political engagement, and the evolution of student leaders who serve within student government, our esteemed group of panelist who advise student government leaders, work with student activist, serve on various political campaigns within the community, and have served as an elected official while also still working in student affairs will talk about the positive intersection between leadership development and student government.

In effect, these group of panelist will not only talk about the importance of developing civically engaged college students, but they also will provide wisdom, insight, and knowledge about some of the ways that student affairs professionals can be more effective at developing more effective leaders within student government. In addition, participants will also talk about how to develop more civically engaged student leaders, how to deal with some of the challenges that various student governments are facing on college campuses all across the nation, and how to ensure that we are fully making sure that are student leaders within student government are prepared to serve their students at the highest level.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this session, you will:

  • learn about the positive intersection between leadership development, student government, civic engagement, and student activism;
  • discover unique ideas/concepts that can be used to help student affairs professionals become more effective at advising and developing student leaders within student government;
  • find out how to deal with some of the common challenges that many student affairs professionals may be experiencing within student governments on various campuses all across the country; 
  • develop a better understanding about some of the needs that must be considered when we are advising and developing student leaders who are actively involved with student government, student activism, and civic engagement; and
  • recognize the importance of creating civically engaged student leaders.

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