The Rest of the Story: Effects on Administrators Following Campus Incident of Bias

with Jennifer Ford, Chaunda M. Allen, Valeria Beasley Ross

About This Course

In response to recent events across the country, and in support of our members who are affected by them, NASPA has eliminated the registration fee for this briefing.  This one hour session covers the stories of three administrators and how they persevered through and recovered from campus bias incidents. This session also includes discussion on racial battle fatigue.

In addition, we have added a resource library and opened new discussion forums. We are also planning several additional events connected to this topic.  See below for the latest details.

Connect, Share, Collaborate, and Discuss

Please join us in the online learning platform to connect with your peers on this important issue.  There are spaces for online discussion, both through forums and live chat.  There is a resource library that allows you to contribute useful links, documents, samples of communications, policies, responses, etc.  We will also be hosting a few additional live discussions and recordings and transcripts of those will be posted in this event as well.

Live Briefing Description

When campuses have an incident of bias, the incident may draw local, national, or international headlines and garner university wide support and response. What happens when the incident is no longer the top news story yet the ongoing work is not yet completed? What are the effects on administrators that routinely work with acts of bias? Drawing upon Racial Battle Fatigue literature as well as firsthand experience of responding to these acts, presenters will share examples of responses as well as the short and long term effects on those that respond.