The Transition to Title IX: Career Pathways for Campus Advocates

with Kegan Allee-Moawad, Katie Vance

About This Course

This session is being rescheduled. More information will be made available as soon as possible.

Many campus-based advocates and advocacy/prevention program directors have made the transition to Title IX positions at their institutions. This transition isn't without its challenges, however. Assumptions of implicit bias toward survivors by former advocates and a lack of understanding among hiring managers about the transferable nature of the skill sets inherent in advocacy work are just two examples of the obstacles facing prevention educators and advocates who want to make their next career move. This session provides an opportunity for engaging discussion with three Title IX administrators who have made the transition from advocacy to Title IX work and their advice for considering a similar transition. 

Learning Outcomes

After this session, participants should be able to:

  • identify the challenges faced by advocates and prevention educators interviewing for Title IX positions; 
  • articulate the challenges that former advocates face while serving in Title IX administrative roles; and
  • list questions to consider when making a transition from providing survivor support to acting as the neutral party in Title IX cases.

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