Unpacking Christian Privilege in Student Affairs

with Hannah Pynn, Ross Wantland, Zachary Cole

About This Course

Christianity has shaped higher education, even at U.S. institutions that are not currently or historically religious. But how does it shape our work in student affairs, and how can we be equipped to understand the impact of Christian privilege on our students, our work, and ourselves? As our colleges and universities become more religiously diverse, it is increasingly important for student affairs professionals to understand Christian privilege at the personal and institutional levels. Join Hannah Pynn, Zachary Cole, and Ross Wantland from the Spirituality & Higher Education Knowledge Community as they unpack Christian privilege in student affairs.

Facilitated by the Spirituality & Religion in Higher Education KC Co-chairs-elect Zachary Cole and Ross Wantland, this session will examine notions of Christian privilege and religious oppression and reflect on what it means for our institutions. Utilizing interactive chat functions, we will hear reflections from participants and SRHE KC leadership team members regarding their own understanding of Christian privilege. We will also hear from Hannah Pynn - a multifaceted and passionate higher education administrator and social justice educator and author on Christian privilege in college. Hannah will discuss her own experiences as a Protestant Christian in higher education and reflect on how we might address Christian privilege in our own practice as student affairs professionals.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, participants will:

  • identify events and influences of the historical background for U.S. Christian privilege, the advantages for Christians, and the disadvantages for subordinate religious groups;
  • name examples of religious oppression in everyday interpersonal interactions and in institutional, social, and cultural life; and
  • exchange ideas for action to act on Christian privilege and support students from marginalized religious and philosophical communities.

Members of the Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education Knowledge Community are eligible for a discount code for this session.  Please connect with the KC leadership to receive this offer. 

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