Values, Leadership, and Religious Identity

with Sharon Parks, J. Cody Nielsen

About This Course

In 2001, Sharon Parks changed the landscape of higher education and religious work on campus when she produced Big Questions, Worthy Dreams, a seminal work that has fascinated for fifteen years.  Dr. Parks work around vocational discernment, leadership development, and values is greatly important to the work of higher education and has special significance for religious, secular, and spiritual identities.  Join Expert in Residence Cody Nielsen alongside Dr. Parks for this informative discussion that will leave participants full of new ideas and depth in the ongoing world of higher education.

Dr. Parks and Expert in Residence Cody Nielsen will look at the emerging trends about leadership development, values, and meaning making in higher education, answering questions about how higher education professionals can respond to the complexity of needs surrounding students in today’s day and age.  Dr. Parks and Cody will take questions during the live briefing.

Participants should expect a tremendous depth of knowledge from Dr. Parks, as well as deepening understanding of how students are making meaning of their world around them.  Faculty will enjoy the ways in which Dr. Parks may suggest for engaging students in their academic programs and how to help students live out their values.  All persons should expect to understand from a greater perspective the ways in which students are organizing the world around them. 

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